We are Committed!

Our success really does rely on the success of our clients.

When you work with us you’ll soon come to realize that our dedication to our clients is at the front of everything we do. We are a service company. So that’s why we do everything possible to make it better and easier for our clients. The more satisfied a client is with us, the more likely they are to continue to choose INTEGRAM.

We train our project managers to find solutions. We’ll push suppliers, and our own production team, to ensure your deadline is met and your project is done accurately, and on-time.

Are you new to mailing?

If so, you will probably appreciate the high level of attention to detail, the depth of competent advice you receive, and the way we keep you on track.

Are you a veteran?

It’s likely you will admire the dedication of our team to get your project specifics correct. This gives you the time to focus on other assignments.

As a result of the commitment to our client needs, many of our current clients consider our project managers to be an extension of their team. We’d love a chance to show you that level of commitment too.

Never worry again about our supplier missing their commitment delaying your project – we’ll get it back on track. (We may prompt you a little to stay on track, but we’ll do it nicely.)

Lose the anxiety that a detail may have been overlooked

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