We are Precise!

We are meticulous in our approach to your project, making sure we get all the details perfect.

Details are paramount to the success of a direct marketing program. A tiny error can have an enormous impact.

From day one, we recognized the significance of having great people and systems to do the best job possible for our clients. Very early on we exploited that knowledge to design a unique recruitment process. We only accept the top few percent of applicants. We carefully vet and test anyone who will be involved in project setup or management. This process began over 25 years ago, enabling us to put together the ultimate team, built on a very strong foundation.

Numerous quality control points are provided at multiple steps of every project. Quick and efficient corrections are made whenever errors are found. From the first look, to the last, each employee gives their best, and owns every project.

Multiple QC check points

Project manager review, copy proofing, data error checking and production scrutiny have caught many potential issues and saved our clients significant cost and embarrassment. Errors and mistakes are often caught when confirmation of a seemingly insignificant detail draws attention. On countless occasions a crew member has noticed something that seems a little off. The client is made aware, and enormous mistakes are averted. Many times over many years this has led to huge cost savings, and great relief, for hurried clients who’ve missed a small detail.

If you have ever been mortified by a mistake that should have been caught by your trusted direct mail partner, perhaps it’s time to try INTEGRAM instead.

We’ll find errors others have missed.  We’ll provide an important last step to make sure you don’t stumble.

Eliminate that risk of an embarrassing, expensive mistake

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