We are Fast!

We made our name in Rapid Response by making impossible deadlines into achievable ones.

We’ve been the company that people turn to when they’re in a jam since 1991. Fast direct mail is the reason INTEGRAM was founded.

Speed is so critical because time is. The time you have is finite, and time wasted is time gone forever.  We don’t waste your time. If you need it done by tomorrow, we’ll do it. Need it today? We’ll do that too.

We’re so good at it that we Guarantee it. You may hear others say they’ll meet your deadline, but ask them for a money back guarantee, and see them squirm. INTEGRAM is designed to do it every time.

We build excess capacity into our basic structure to ensure that our clients aren’t disappointed by those words — ‘fully booked schedule’.

We’ll find a way to work around a packed production schedule

Tight deadlines may often seem unrealistic when you have not worked with us before, but they’re our primary concern with every project. When we agree to make a mail date, we make it. No excuses!

Don’t ever worry about making excuses to your client or boss again about missed deadlines. A late invitation to the party is worse than none at all.

With INTEGRAM, that project will get out on time, every time

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