We didn’t set out to be a one-stop shop, but our clients wanted more of our quality.

Details are nailed — Deadlines are hit — Questions get answered.

As our services grew, we came to realize there’s a lot to like — for professionals like you — about a full-service mailshop and print production house that offers you a single contact person to oversee all your direct marketing projects. And who is backed by a team of experts in the areas of production operations and management, data management, and creative services. You build an ever-closer relationship with a direct response pro who knows your goals and how to help you reach them.

writingThat’s an especially valuable reality when it comes to INTEGRAM, because we’re innovating all the time. We only partner with printers and other support firms who commit to similar constant improvement. So when you ask your INTEGRAM customer service rep “what’s new?” you should expect to hear something you need to know…and will be excited to use!

That’s what INTEGRAM’s clients were after when they asked us to expand our services: New services of stand-out quality…that get better and better at every opportunity.

And that’s why we hope you will see us, not as a typical full-service shop, but as dedicated, innovative, cutting-edge specialists in every service a marketer needs to succeed!

INTEGRAM Creative and Strategic Planning is about meeting goals and maximizing results

Because INTEGRAM has a long history of doing more than what’s expected–and driving greater-than-expected results–our clients often find it valuable to meet with us and discuss their goals. When you’re out to get the greatest possible return from your marketing budget, you’ll want to know about innovative approaches that drive results…ASAP.

Or you may simply wish to brainstorm with us to come up with something new and cost-effective.

For instance, we took a prescription bag concept used for a non-profit clinic mailing, put our heads together with a client, and created a new twist for a political campaign mailing.

The result was an award-winning package that continues to pull generous donor response.

INTEGRAM Data Mining can reveal promise, patterns and profits

At INTEGRAM, we’ve always been on the forefront of technological innovation, so database management has always been a forte.

That means you can always turn to INTEGRAM to extract exactly the data you want from your database, and prepare it for mailings with state-of-the-art efficiency.

To extract even more value from your data, have our data mining experts analyze your database in depth.

We’ll identify hidden veins of information and suggest how best to capitalize on its potential…often to an extent you may not have known was possible.

You’ve been collecting data for quite a while. Now turn to INTEGRAM to help you mine it, refine it and provide you all the hidden value it holds.

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