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Millennials prefer mail – the news is in!
millennials prefer mail
Millennials prefer mail

As odd as this seems, it’s also a very interesting evolutionary periods in direct mail marketing. Yet it does seem contradictory. How could it be that these tech savvy, digital voyagers – who are more comfortable typing on a keypad, than writing with a pencil – would value something as old fashioned and dusty as a real letter?

Earlier this year, the USPS and the AAPC posted a joint study showing the successful role direct mail plays in reaching the millennial voter. Another study, by InfoTrends and Prinova, had an eye opening conclusion. Direct mail doesn’t still just work for all age categories of consumers, response is actually surprisingly better for millennials than many of the other generations.

Why are more millennials preferring direct mail?

Perhaps this will shed some light on it. The mailbox is finite. Real letters provide tactile sensory feedback. Digital messages are fleeting and gone in a moment, just like the thoughts and ideas they are trying to engage the recipient on. Attention spans are compromised, so it really requires a different approach than the seemingly endless and constant barrage of wispy, inane digital messages.

Something old is new again. Only now it’s better than before. Targeted mailing lists are more relevant (if the mailer knows what they’re doing). The call to action has greater substance, and for those who have figured it out, there is a channel to engage with the millennial digitally (their safe space). Yet you still have to get your message to them in the first place. You have to do it in a way that will not immediately be overlooked. Use the mail box, the real one that holds real mail. That’s how you will connect with millennials.

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