Unique Mailing

Unique Mailing – Post-it Note on outside of carrier


Marketers are always on the look-out for the next BIG thing – what is unique, what is working or what is not working, etc.

Recently, we worked with an agency client on a mailing for SAGE, an Advocacy and Services organization for LGBT Elders.  This mailing stood out and was unique as it included a 3×3 post-it note affixed to the outside of the carrier envelope.  Yes, that’s right – the outside of the carrier.  In the past, we have often received artwork that contained an image of a post-it note but this was different – SAGE requested a standard post-it note be affixed not just printed with the artwork.

As this was a first for us, we worked with the Post Office to ensure we were meeting all of the requirements for mailing.  After approval from all concerned, this mailing went into production and mailed a few weeks ago.



Are you thinking – did the post-it note stay affixed?  Yes, the post-it note did stay affixed through Post Office processing of this mailing.

Have you received a mailing of this type in your mailbox?  Did it stand out?  It would stand out in mine and get my attention.


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