Fast and accurate – That’s how we work.

Being fast and accurate is a major advantage when providing fulfillment and distribution services. It’s critical to ensure your product arrives correctly and on time, to keep your customers delighted with your company.

Does it make sense for you to fulfill product orders in-house, or are you searching for an expert partner to provide your clients the best possible outcome?

Join the growing number of customers that turn to INTEGRAM to meet these needs.

INTEGRAM provides an efficient, accurate and cost-effective fulfillment solution. We are the trustworthy and reliable partner you’ve been looking for to provide your third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment services.

As quickly as your customers place their orders on your website or e-commerce store, we’ll get started on processing the order, and we’ll make it easy and seamless for you and them.

We provide storage at our on-site warehouse, pick & pack services, distribution and extensive reporting. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Full tracking information is supplied to your client to promote a superior customer experience.

Whether you need an automated system or a manual one, or an entire custom solution for a unique condition, we can establish processes to fill your requirement.


The Benefits of Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

  • A complete, turn-key system to receive, store, manage, pick & pack, and distribute your product.
  • Online, real-time reporting of all inventory counts, reorder points, deliveries and shipping.
  • Discounted shipping rates.
  • Immediate scalability and flexibility for order peaks and valleys.
  • Remove the need for infrastructure and personnel investment that could be underutilized.


What’s in the box?

Our Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Services Include

  • Store, pick, pack and ship through the most appropriate available service option.
  • Inventory management.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Custom assembly.
  • 24 hour turn distribution services.

INTEGRAM has been delighting our customers for decades – We can do that for your clients too

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