Positive Real-World Results Using Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Is your direct mail and marketing delivering positive results? For this organization it really paid off!

Much has been said about the benefits of direct mail and marketing integration in recent years, even as digital fatigue seems to be setting in. Experts in the field continually praise combined direct mail and digital communication strategies, as together these tools provide excellent results when integrated into a complete marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a fan of direct mail as a fundraising tool or not, you may want to contemplate these real direct mail results reported by one of our clients on a recent program we worked on together.

Real-world results

Horton’s Kids is a small, community based non-profit client that empowers children living in one of Washington, DC’s most under-resourced communities so that they graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life.

As part of their year-end fundraising efforts, they sent out a fundraising letter and email appeals to 2,500 supporters. The mix of donors included major donors all the way through to supporters who hadn’t been seen for a long while.

It didn’t take long for the results to start coming in.

With almost an 8% response rate, Horton’s Kids raised over $65,000 with an average gift size of almost $350.


Our Conclusion:

A successful marketing communication strategy will look different in every industry, however the importance of using multiple channels in promoting the message being communicated can not be understated.


Don’t risk using just a single channel to engage with your audience.  A well designed traditional direct mail piece integrated with strategic digital choices will give the results you need.

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