Print and mail production services for any project.

Our production experts can lead, follow, or get out of the way.

mother-roleWe realized long ago that we couldn’t provide every mailing service in-house, so we developed a reliable and trustworthy network of mail service providers who could help us accommodate (almost) any client need. Our production coordinator experts have the advantage of real hands on experience in a production facility to fully understand what our clients need most when providing managed print and mail production services.

If you’re an experienced direct mail and print production pro who prefers to deal with peers and have projects cruise effortlessly to completion, INTEGRAM is your ideal choice. We work with many production managers at top direct response agencies, and are happy to step up when they want to delegate…or step back when they wish to manage more directly.

We’re also happy to guide–or fully manage direct mail and print production for–client contacts with limited production knowledge. If you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, or communications manager who needs hands-on help with choosing formats and achieving production efficiency, INTEGRAM’s experts can be there at every step.

INTEGRAM offers turnkey production and brokerage services for almost any type of project.

You may be an expert in direct mail production, or you may be new and starting to learn the ropes. Whatever the situation, INTEGRAM will offer as little or as much help as you need to succeed.

For over 25 years, INTEGRAM has been procuring outside services from providers whose passion for excellence matches our own. In 2010, we launched our own business unit dedicated to outsource solutions. We’ve staffed up with some top notch expertise in the area of print production brokering that has produced impressive results in efficiency and cost savings for some of our clients.

Our print and mail production brokerage services offer these excellent benefits

  • We only work with trusted partners who have shown their commitment to providing the best possible outcome.
  • We know you need a competitive price, so we get multiple estimates from our suppliers and only give you the best option.
  • We’re happy to relinquish any portion of the order if you have a better solution, and focus on where we provide you value.
  • We’ve gathered a rather large variety of supplier options across many expertise areas, so the chances are that we can find a solution, even if you can’t.

printer_inkSo whether you need a production pro to step in, now and then, when your on-staff production manager is overloaded; a constant, always dependable team to handle all your projects and free up your internal resources; or something in between, INTEGRAM is ready to respond. Turn our way for your most complex production packages. Roll to roll. Four color. Self-mailers. Voter mail. In-line. And all the rest. Delegate with confidence. And move on to the next task on your list.

From the first time you turn to INTEGRAM, you’ll see that our staff is focused on ensuring your success in every way we can–and so we keep adding to our full range of services to ensure that each offers unrivaled and ever-improving advantages.

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