Prospecting for new donors can be costly when not done right

A popular use for direct mail is prospecting. Organizations will often rent or buy lists of people who are not currently in their own database, and send them direct mail donation solicitations.

The motivation is that a small segment of the prospect list will become involved. A prospecting program that raises enough funding to pay for itself is considered a winner, but many don’t. The main goal is to increase the donor list size. A larger donor list, or house file, will increase the organization’s potential to raise additional funds long term. All fundraising organizations need to have a plan in place to increase the donor base, or risk shutting down.

networkingCarefully consider these questions when planning your prospecting strategy.
  • Where do I get the data list?
  • What is the message? The Call to Action?
  • How often should I mail?
  • What is a good response rate?

All direct mail prospecting experts will advise — work with experts — for good reason. When you send direct mail, it can be costly, but it will cost so much more if it’s done poorly.

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