My Mother Taught Me to Say Thank You

Remember when you were a child, and your Mom made you write those thank you notes after your birthday party? Or it might have been Dad who helped you learn about basic manners. Whomever it was, that early lesson is one to take seriously when you want to keep your supporters.

While there can be many reasons to send a letter, a single, most important one is to say thank you. It’s the lesson you learn when you’re a child. If you want to keep a supporter engaged over the long term, it must be part of your program. Many programs we see every day are all about saying thank you. Our best clients realized long ago that if they don’t thank their supporters, the supports stop thinking about them.

Thank You letters will strengthen your ability to communicate positively with your audience. When used regularly, they will enhance your entire communications strategy.

We produce many systematic programs that are all about saying Thank You. Our clients trust us to make sure they’re perfect every time. Let us help you with yours.

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