Do you fund raise?

The lifeblood of many organizations is their ability to produce effective and compelling stories that resonate with potential donors. These stories, when applied correctly, can lead to amazing outcomes for both the organization, and the missions they support.

Telling the story is your job. And while we have operating partners that can help you with that, our job is producing your message on your timeline, with quality and accuracy.

From our earliest days it was clear that the solution INTEGRAM provided would be a good fit for fundraisers. They wanted a message that delivered with impact. And with the speed we were in households, the impact was clear.

640px-hurricaneandrewlouisianaOne of our earliest success stories was right after Hurricane Andrew in 1992

We were called on to produce a quick turn-around direct mail letter to support the people who had lost everything. Habitat for Humanity wanted to mail without delay, and within a few short days, INTEGRAM had turned that idea into a reality. As concerned Americans watched the devastation play out on their television screens, over a hundred thousand Habitat for Humanity fundraising letters were delivered to mail boxes nationwide.

This fundraising letter was enormously successful. Considerable credit was attributed to the speed in which these letters were in people’s hands. An immediate INTEGRAM team response, and the system we had created, cut a typical month-long process into just a few days.

Timing a compelling story to coincide with real events can make a colossal difference in the results of a campaign. All too often stuff happens, and being ready to act can make a real difference. With INTEGRAM on your side, you’ll always be ready.

Call INTEGRAM now if you need that level of support and commitment on your next project.