Junk Mail – No Such Thing

Junk Mail – No Such Thing!

By definition, the term “junk” means old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.  How many times have you heard this term used to describe mail?  Maybe you even use this term yourself in regards to some of the mail you find in your mailbox.

But, I don’t subscribe to the theory that junk mail exists.  Mail that you are receiving in your mailbox is certainly not old.  In fact, it could have been printed and sent to you the day before you received it making it only 24 hours old.  One would consider that to be “hot off the press”.  What about little value?  Not at all!  To the person sending the mail to you, they paid to have it sent to you.  Not only did they pay for the actual postage to send to you but consider the time they spent on creating the art, writing the text, determining who should receive their work, and everything else that goes into getting it right and getting it in your hands (including the Post Office employee who delivered it to you).  To all of those individuals, it is certainly not of little value or junk.  Instead, they view it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to share something that is important to them with you.

The next time you go to your mailbox to gather your mail, I hope you pause for a moment.  Instead of thinking it’s just junk mail – consider all that it took to get that piece of mail to you.

And if you still consider your mail to be junk – always remember the old phrase “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”.