For over 25 years, INTEGRAM has been helping our clients succeed

Gordon Gould is recognized as one of the inventors of the laser.

Beginning with the arrival of the laser (one of the inventors, G. Gould, being an INTEGRAM founding Board Member) and subsequently the laser printer, we have evolved with the industry, adding tools and providing our clients with the fastest, and most impressive results possible.

When we started operations it was with just a few laser printers, an inserting machine, and a whole lot of commitment.  We quickly grew our resources to have one of the highest capacity cut sheet laser production facilities on the East coast.

As our clients’ needs evolved, so did we. During our early growth, INTEGRAM acquired a dedicated letter shop whose specialty was to be 100% accurate in financial document fulfillment. Many of the exceptional staff members of that team are still with INTEGRAM today.

Our founder, Arpad de Kovacsy in 1965, pictured on the left.

We follow a plan of continuous improvement in all areas, which has led to instrumental innovations, including the addition of extraordinary high quality color print facilities, in-house designed project management systems, and a complete integrated digital marketing solution.

INTEGRAM was founded in 1991 by Arpad de Kovacsy on the original idea that direct mail was too slow, and a better solution could be found to solve that problem. The solution he implemented has been imitated many times since. Numerous off-the-shelf laser printers were daisy-chained, and a proprietary software system developed, providing huge flexibility with the capacity for tremendous print volumes.

A Few Key Events in Our History

  • Listed on Inc 500® as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 1997.
  • Acquisition of FCU Mail, known for perfect financial statement processing, in 1999.
  • Developed and launched Blast Email technology to send 2.5 million messages in 24 hrs, in 1999.
  • Reached laser print capacities in excess of 2.5 million in 24 hours, in 2000.
  • Created EZGram web-to-print letters for small business and individuals in 2005.
  • Expanded marketing technology services to QR codes, PURL’s and mobile optimized micro-sites in 2011.
  • Guaranteed Mail Date service added in 2015.
  • Full color production digital press and full color production envelope equipment added in 2016.

Our team has that can-do attitude that you look for when considering any potential service provider. Our average tenure with the company exceeds a dozen years. We are a united INTEGRAM family. We support each other, we have fun together, and we work hard together.

Our Vision

INTEGRAM will be your fastest, most responsive and seamless service provider of business to consumer mail and information.

INTEGRAM stands alone in providing you the unique combination of expedited, personalized and targeted business to consumer mail and information. Your business and marketing needs are supported with proven, high quality technologies, thereby providing you with unparalleled responsive and real-time transparent accountability.

Our Commitment

Trust in our team to do what we say we’ll do, to make promises that we can keep. We’re so certain that we Guarantee it. To learn more about our Guarantee please read more here.