Integram Gives Back – National Forest Foundation partnership

Integram Gives Back – Partnering with the National Forest Foundation


I am pleased to launch “Integram Gives Back” – a company initiative to partner with the National Forest Foundation, a non-profit organization helping to restore and revitalize our 193-million-acre National Forest System.  The National Forest Foundation is committed to planting 50 million trees across our National Forests and we are thrilled to play a part in this commitment.


In our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, Integram will fund the planting of 1 tree for every direct mail job we produce.  To make our initiative more rewarding, our Board of Directors has pledged to personally match what the company donates.  Instead of planting 1 tree, Integram will be planting 2 trees in our National Forests for every direct mail job we produce.


With our partnership, we are proud to lend our support in wildfire recovery, providing wildlife a sustainable habitat, mitigating climate change, improving water quality, along with many other benefits.  For more information on the National Forest Foundation, visit


Another way Integram currently gives back is through paper recycling, where we have recycled tons of discarded paper throughout our 28-year history.  Our employees have easy access to recycling bins placed in individual offices or a few steps away from their work place.  Additionally, we have recycling bins in our employee breakrooms, promoting not only the recycling of paper but also plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, etc.


We look forward to continually doing our part in helping our environment through our recycling program and also planting many trees in our partnership with the National Forest Foundation.