Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery – Enhancement Options


A few years ago, the United States Post Office developed the Informed Delivery service.  With this service, consumers receive a daily email depicting black and white images of the mail that will be delivered to their address.  As of this writing, there are over 18,000,000 registered users.  Registration is easy – visit

More recently, the U.S. Post Office has enhanced this service to allow mailers to modify the image that is displayed of their mail piece by creating an Informed Delivery campaign.  An Informed Delivery campaign consists of:

Representative Image – replaces the standard black and white image of the mail piece that is displayed in the email

Ride-Along Image – additional branded, clickable image with a call-to-action

Below is an example of a Representative and Ride-Along Image that could be used for our trademarked Air Gram carrier:


Breaking News:  The Post Office will soon launch a special promotion aimed at those mailers deploying an Informed Delivery campaign.  Starting September 1, 2019 and ending November 30, 2019, mailers can save up to 2% on postage by launching an Informed Delivery campaign.


Our team is ready to assist you with setting up an Informed Delivery campaign and also registering you for the promotion.  Call us at 703-849-1700 to learn more or use our contact form to get started right now.