Fed up with the Ad-blocker?

Ad-Blocker software can really damage your online visibility

Recently I was in a conversation with some fellow marketers about ad-blocker software.  I had not been following the evolution of this software, and so I wasn’t as keenly aware of how large the ad-blocking software industry had become. You know there are a lot of people who rely on digital ads to get their message promoted to the world. No surprise. Digital ads are ubiquitous. Did you know that ad-blocker software is costing marketers billions? Perhaps a little surprised.

According to these fellow marketers, the ad-blocker industry is devoted to destroying their primary source of promotion. This concept seemed a little extreme to me until I investigated further. And it turns out they’re right to be more than a little concerned.

HubSpot and AdBlock Plus did an interesting study on attitudes to online ads and ad-blocking software. The general conclusion from HubSpot was that this is a rapidly changing space, and advertisers had better keep ahead of these changes to ensure their messages are being seen.

So what will you do?

Is there a great long term strategy to beat those ad-blockers? I can’t foresee the future, so I can’t predict how intelligent the ad blocking tools will become.  Or which strategy will be most effective to keep promoting your message in the digital space. However something I’m sure of is that the tools will get better at blocking.

A few digital content providers have opted to block content users who block their ads. Others are requiring content users to pay for premium access if they don’t want to see the ads. I can imagine some organizations will alienate their target audience if they’re not careful.

Ultimately, no one can foresee exactly what will happen to digital ads. But you may want to consider alternatives now.

A suggestion that you can use today.

Direct mail.

It’s been tested for years, it’s proven to work exceptionally well. The ad blocker software can’t touch it. It may cost a little more, but spending more on something that works is always be a better idea than spending less on something that doesn’t.


About the Author
Andrew Henley Andrew Henley’s career in direct mail marketing began in 1998. After starting in the warehouse, he quickly moved into client services, followed by operations. He now leads the INTEGRAM team after being appointed to Chief Executive Officer in 2007.

“Keeping our customers delighted with the service we offer is my number one priority. It’s very important that our clients are not negatively surprised or frustrated when working with us. We are a company that provides solutions, we solve problems.”

Digital marketing continues to evolve in 2017.

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