A Few Common Questions

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When and how do you require postage payment?
Which postal sorts can you perform?
Can you process international mail?

Data and Graphics

Can you personalize my mailing?
What graphics formats can you accept?
What data formats can you accept?
What data services do you offer?
How do I upload my files to INTEGRAM?

Print and Letter-shop

Can you laser print duplex?
Can you personalize in color?
Can you print envelopes?
Can you inkjet addresses?
What service does your letter-shop (AKA mailshop) provide?


What is your client approval process?
How do you manage left-over inventory?
Where can I get an Integram Credit Application?
Does INTEGRAM provide mail samples?
What is Full Service with the USPS?
What is Move Update?
What is presorting?

Where can I find more information about the USPS?

Use these helpful USPS links.

If you have other questions, please ask