A simple, fast and cost effective solution for small mailings

We’ll print it, fold it, stuff it, stamp it and mail it

In 2004, INTEGRAM introduced an online service that allowed individual users to compose real letters on any connected computer, and send them via the USPS from anywhere.

When you have just a handful of letters to mail, or even just one, this service may be just the tool you need.

  • Step 1 – Go to EZGram.com
  • Step 2 – Type your letter
  • Step 3 – Make sure it’s addressed correctly
  • Step 4 – Review and approve your letter
  • Step 5 – Checkout

We’ll print it, fold it, stuff it, stamp it and mail it — and if you get it in by the cut-off time (12 p.m. EST), we’ll mail it today.

EZGram keeps draft documents indefinitely for easy retrieval later, plus we make it simple to send similar letters to multiple names and addresses using the in-built address book feature. If you need it in color, or you want to add an attachment – EZGram will do that. The starting price is only $1.25 per letter, a real bargain. Get started now!

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