Excellent Customer Experience

Are you getting an excellent customer experience?

This is the question that keeps many CEO’s awake at night, especially in today’s connected world where any misstep can create immediate and devastating social media reaction. You likely saw recent headlines about the United CEO who said “It’s a new era in regards to social media. That’s just something we have to accept” following a passenger dragging incident. The policy of flight overbooking doesn’t lend itself to an excellent customer experience, so they’re working on better solutions.

Does our organization produce an excellent customer experience?

Each week I meet with our team of dedicated project managers to discuss the current state of customer and supplier relationships, and every week we focus on ways to improve customer experience.

Customer experience is more than just how our customer interacts with the customer service or sales people. It’s how the customer perceives their interactions with the whole company, from start to finish.

Part of our strategy for developing an excellent customer experience includes superior responsiveness. Since we’re in the quick turn business, we decided long ago that a quick response was critical in delivering that message to our customers. We put policies in place that required our team to respond to any customer inquiry almost immediately, even if it was just to acknowledge receipt of a question.

We went further than just responsiveness, and added additional customer communications that provided valuable information about project status, inventory levels and upcoming promotions.

But I’m certain there’s more we can do to keep our clients delighted with our services.

Can you help me discover what those are?

Please take a moment and leave your feedback on areas we can focus to increase our total customer satisfaction level