Unique Mailing

Unique Mailing – Post-it Note on outside of carrier   Marketers are always on the look-out for the next BIG thing – what is unique, what is working or what is not working, etc. Recently, we worked with an agency client on a mailing for SAGE, an Advocacy and Services…

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Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery – Enhancement Options   A few years ago, the United States Post Office developed the Informed Delivery service.  With this service, consumers receive a daily email depicting black and white images of the mail that will be delivered to their address.  As of this writing, there are over…

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Excellent Customer Experience


Are you getting an excellent customer experience? This is the question that keeps many CEO’s awake at night, especially in today’s connected world where any misstep can create immediate and devastating social media reaction. You likely saw recent headlines about the United CEO who said “It’s a new era in…

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The Power of Paper

direct mail marketing ideas

16 Killer Tips To Save You Money and Grow Your Business Secret Tricks and Essential Shortcuts To Fuel Your Start-Up   “5. Don’t forget the power of paper. Digital marketing is great, sure, but direct mail is an awesome weapon. No matter how addicted customers are to email, Snapchat, and…

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