Direct Mail vs. Email Calculator

direct mail email ROI calculator

Are you missing out on opportunity? For a complete omnichannel strategy to work effectively, it includes personalized email, SMS, push mobile app engagement, social engagement, data driven ads and website engagement. What do all of these channels have in common? If you said they’re all digital, you’re correct. But with email…

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Millennials Prefer Mail: Update | Andrew Henley

Millennials prefer mail – the news is in! As odd as this seems, it’s also a very interesting evolutionary periods in direct mail marketing. Yet it does seem contradictory. How could it be that these tech savvy, digital voyagers – who are more comfortable typing on a keypad, than writing with…

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5 Things to Do Now to Mail Your Message Fast! | Andrew Henley

People so often think that getting a message sent quickly is only possible in digital media. There are significant advantages to getting your communication broadcast quickly using all the digital channels available. We all regularly use email, texting, and services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, Newsvine, Pinterest, Instagram, Xing,…

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