360° of Communications – A single touch point is not enough

Increase your message effectiveness by increasing your message reach with multiple channels

Marketing campaign results are limited by simply using too few channels. It’s clear that the best method to communicate will differ across the broad spectrum of people you’re connecting with. And it will differ sometimes even with the same person, depending on mood, inclination, or the weather.

Direct Mail is the traditional method that gets past spam blockers and ad filters. It’s delivered directly into the home of your audience. The statistics support its continued power as a communication device. It even looks like direct mail is becoming more attractive as a communication device for some of our younger generations. However, for some, the best method to connect may be an email or text message. And there’s another group who prefer social media. There are even some still who like to get a fax or a phone call.
Each of these tools independently may do part of the job, but put them all together, in a seamless, coordinated drive, and you’ll see some outstanding results. In our modern world, relying on just a single channel of communication can really confine communication opportunities.

How to make it happen? Call INTEGRAM – We’ll make it easy

We’ll create your complex, multi-channel direct marketing campaign with speed and ease. We’ll provide you your own portal to see the results in real-time, and set up automatic alerts that are triggered by interactions with your audience. Immediate response provides better user experience, and this drives greater results for your campaign. We provide the tools you need to succeed.

INTEGRAM established ourselves as the leaders in quick turn-around communications over 25 years ago. It’s our mission to provide the highest level of service available and make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

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