Rapid Response-

Direct mail service so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Letters, flats, newsletters, invoices, postcards, packages, holiday and greeting cards, thank you notes, calendars, boxes, tubes, flyers, or self-mailers – we’ll make it, do it right, and get it done fast. INTEGRAM is the rapid response direct mail expert.

Fast Direct Mail

  • Personalized full color and mono digital laser print and inkjet.
  • Machine inserted or custom hand-assembled, stuffed, stamped and mailed at lightening speed.

You can trust INTEGRAM to make sure every detail is met, and every deadline is kept. GUARANTEED.

Fast is great, but only if it’s right

We understood from our very beginning in 1991 that getting a project completed quickly can turn into a disaster if it’s wrong. So we created many procedures and QC checks throughout our production process to ensure that the message is communicated correctly, just how our clients intended, and on time. Our process has evolved over the past 25 years to overcome just about every potential error that could occur. Our team averages over a dozen years with INTEGRAM, and are experts, always looking for errors before they occur.

Yes, we’re fast, but we’re also very accurate. 


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We will respond as soon as we possibly can, and always within one business day.

If you need urgent attention, please call 703 849 1700 and press # during the automated message to be connected with the first available person.

Our focus is on making a quality impression

This is why, for over 25 years, our clients keep coming back to INTEGRAM — they trust us with their most important direct mail campaigns.

From reception to  warehouse, production to admin, the entire team at INTEGRAM takes pride in your success.

Most companies in the mailing business print exactly what you give them, no questions asked.

But at INTEGRAM, we believe our success depends on your success, so everyone is trained from day one to keep an eye open for potentially costly errors on every project.

Not too long ago, for example, a client submitted a letter that had typos, grammatical errors and misspelled President Barack Obama’s name. Immediately, we informed our client, made the changes, and the piece mailed free of errors. Our client was delighted that we averted the embarrassment they nearly sustained.

We believe our clients can afford nothing less than the best.

Mailings can hit harder and work better…

…by, in some cases, appearing top-notch in every detail. In other instances, arriving first makes all the difference. And sometimes using an innovative physical format–like “lumpy mail” (produced in our amazing custom hand assembly department) –makes a message stand apart.

Perhaps your next direct mail campaign would benefit from a new depth in data mining. Our expert data analysis may reveal a rich vein of related prospects…identifying a niche-with-a-need that you didn’t know was there!

Consider the many solutions that INTEGRAM offers. From dimensional mail to handwork, from data mining to strategic expert advice — and even outsourced print and mail production management services — you can rest assured that INTEGRAM will add value at every opportunity. We really do believe that your success is our success, so we seek out problems, triple-check details, and never stop focusing on the overall success of your program.

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