Data Driven Target Messaging-

Every successful direct marketing campaign starts with great data.

As direct mailing specialists, we’ve seen it all. Which is why we are able to provide an expertise that’s tough to find from those that haven’t.

Trust our team to find the best presort rates, or find conflicts in your database that could cause the whole campaign to sink faster than a bowling ball. In our more than 25 years of providing exceptional service, our data team has had to overcome some mighty challenges.

Do you remember when data was stored on magnetic tapes?

We’ve been doing this for quite a while.

Some of the earliest successes were to simply improve the processing speed of presorting data. It may be difficult for some of our youngest generation to comprehend the increased velocity of data compilation. What is only a few seconds of processing now would have taken hours, or even days just a couple of decades ago. And if you had an error on your input, your whole day just got wasted. So we put processes in place to eliminate errors and produce exceptionally clean data processing systems.

We built our systems when magnetic tapes for data storage were the norm. In those days we found methods to process data faster than anyone. What would have taken days, or even weeks somewhere else, we were able to do in just hours.

And we’ve been getting better, and faster ever since.

Being experts in direct mail, we know the extra effort we put in to hand edit unconventional records or search for extended characters can prevent serious problems from manifesting. We understand that even the cleanest database can still have a few messy records. We will examine your data to ensure that you get what you are expecting.

The accuracy with which our data team is able to create programs from pages upon pages of written instructions is second to none. If you’ve ever been damaged by bad data processing, it’s time you called INTEGRAM and eliminated the problem.

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