Our Hand Assembly Team Does It All.

Stuffing envelopes by hand, affixing labels, collating and paper-clipping, and many other things too…

Our team is fast, accurate, versatile and experienced. Producing packages that require a high level of attention to detail is at the core of how this team performs. Matching names and codes, verifying details, sorting and packaging. It’s what we do. When you’re looking for the most versatile and experienced custom hand assembly service, look no further.

Some of the services that we provide our clients daily include:

  • Paper-clipping stamps and dollar bills
  • Hand affixing labels and stamps
  • Hand sealing envelopes
  • Building boxes
  • Inserting into poly-bags and jiffy mailers
  • Hand collating and stuffing into folders
  • Hand addressing envelopes and hand signing cards
  • Coin affixing
  • Glue dots, staples and adhesive tape
  • Plus many others…


If you need a team of hand assembly experts, dedicated to providing the best possible product every time, we’re ready to help. While direct marketing communications is our focus, we can and have taken on many other challenges too. Give us a call to see if we can help you on your unusual project.


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