Post-Trump, political ad spending won’t be the same

The Presidential race in 2016 was certainly one of the most unusual ever.

We’re only days away from seeing how our new President will fare, and the experts are looking forward to seeing how Donald Trump’s successful campaign will change the way political campaigns are run for all time.


Post-Trump, political ad spending won’t be the sameSource: Post-Trump, political ad spending won’t be the same

Going forward, we may see more campaigns run in this matter.

What’s that mean on a practical level? That targeted media such as digital, cable and direct mail will see political spending gains. Television and newspaper, the mass media, will not.

With the elections of 2016 behind us, we begin to dissect what we’ve learned. There’s a not-so-surprising lesson in direct target marketing. Targeted messaging works, and it works really well.

Fortunately we’re well equipped to help our clients get their targeted message delivered directly where and when it will have the highest impact. Leave behind the noise and clutter of the non-targeted mass media channels, for the simple, real, postal mail box.

You know targeted messaging works, whether you’re running for President, or to promote your cause or business.

The mailbox as a channel has a distinct advantage over mass media. It captures the fractured attention of our generation, something that mass media is having a tough time on with so many available channels. Every house has an address, and that makes it a pretty valuable place to deliver your targeted message when there are so few to compete with in that space.

And if you’re worried that mail is too slow, we solved that problem.

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